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The S Scale Resource February/March 2020 3 From the Publisher's Desk With this issue, we are helping to publicize the 2020 NASG Convention that will be held July 7 - 11, 2020 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is sponsored and organized by the Pines & Prairies S Scale Workshop. Their website may be seen here. Amy and I plan to be there helping to promote scale S, as well as the magazine. We firmly believe the the future of S will be scale. Anyone from N and HO who are looking for a larger scale will not settle for hi-rail track and non-scale details any more than they would consider going three rail in O scale. It's these possible new converts that we, The S Scale Resource Magazine, are working on reaching and why we stay a scale only magazine. Please don't take this as bashing anyone. There is nothing wrong with hi-rail if you enjoy and remember it. But it's the future we need to be looking at. Prototype Modelers Meets are one place to show off scale S to the masses. The O & S Scale Midwest Show is another great place to meet like minded modelers. I can attest to a few O scale people who are taking a good hard look at S scale and rethinking their modeling future. On another note, earlier in January we sent out an email to people who asked to receive notifications for new issues. (If you are not signed up, please go here: and never miss a new issue release.) The email was asking for help with articles and information as we were hard pressed to continue to find authors. I was extremely surprised and happy with the response. Many came forward with articles and ideas. We want to thank you all, and if you haven't yet, please considering getting in touch with us. The one surprising bit from this were the people who contacted us. For the most part, we have not seen these people on forums or social media. These are people doing their modeling all over the world and many are not known outside their tight circle of friends. I suspect there are more out there than people realize. If you have a layout in any stage of work, let us know. We can send out a set of questions for you to answer and have you fill out as best as you can. Not everything needs to be filled out, but the readers get a better feeling about you if you do. From that, Amy writes it up and we send you a copy. Once you see it, you may have a few more additions/corrections. That's all there is other than sending us pictures, the bigger the better. If you would prefer to write your own article, that is fine as well. In that case, the questions may help you get started and provide an outline for your article. Layout not finished? Are they ever? Construction and updates are what people like to see. Yes, big, beautiful, finished layouts are great to see and we have published a few, but many readers want to know how you got there and what mistakes you made along the way, along with how you fixed them. The same can be said of building or modifying rolling stock. So, drop us an Email here and tell us what you are working on. Happy Reading & Happy Modeling, Dan Dawdy

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