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The S Scale Resource April/May 2020 3 From the Publisher's Desk "I don't know how much you follow current events. For some, there's not enough time to keep up on what's happening; for others, the news is too depressing, and peering too deeply fills one with boiling frustration all too quickly." ~ Henry Rollins What a difference two months make. Last time I sat here doing From The Publishers Desk, there was a little known coronavirus being talked about within China. Today, March 26 th , 2020 I sit in my home office under a "lockdown" of Illinois residents. It got "real", real fast. Amy and I did attend the March Meet, which is the largest scale O show in the country, during the great toilet paper wars. The Monday after the show, everything started to close. It will be the last train show for a while. As of this writing, O Scale West, which includes S Scale West, has not decided what it will do; however, the NASG National Convention scheduled for July, 2020 has been canceled. As far as our O & S Scale Midwest Show in September, we at The Model Railroad Resource are very aware of the current global threat due to coronavirus (COVID-19). The welfare of those around us, and the attendees of the O & S Scale Midwest Show, is very important to us. September 18-20, 2020 is still a ways off, and we will continue to monitor the situation. If we do need to cancel the 2020 O & S Scale Midwest Show, we will give as much notice as possible and all registration/table fees will be refunded. With this in mind, we hope that you will still pre-register at your earliest convenience so that we can continue to plan the event and give you best possible show. We hope and pray that by the time September rolls around, this whole thing will be simply a bad memory in our rearview mirror. Having said that, we really need a good turnout to keep what is the largest scale S show running. Attendance is still lagging for the show overall, and while we don't expect to make a large amount of money, the day we lose a dime is the day the show ends. Shows are so much more than just a flea market. It's seeing people you may not have seen since last show; meeting new people you did not know were in the hobby; putting names with faces to people you interact with on forums and social media. And now, since many of us are stuck at home, let's do some modeling. Send us pictures of what you are working on with a short description. We'll publish these in the next issue. We will get through this! So, drop us an Email here and tell us what you are working on. Happy Reading & Happy Modeling, Dan Dawdy

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